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Version: 0.11
Platforms: Symbian OS, UIQ
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 426
File Size: 163 Kb

Rating: 3.6/5 (Total votes: 5)

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Pixy - Pixy is a pixel-graphics drawing application. It means it doesn't work with true color (65K or 16M RGB) images, but indexed images (ie. images with a palette). In pixel graphics an artist usually draws the entire image pixel-by-pixel, using a minimum number of tools: pen, fill, line, rectangle. Of course that's very limited, so we added a few more tools, since the main goal is to create wonderful pieces of images, and not making it hard to create them. In indexed images you have a palette, ie. a set of (up to 255) colors. You draw the image using only those colors, and nothing else.

Supported image formats

Pixy can handle the following formats:


It can load indexed color PNG files with no filters or interlacing. It can also save PNG files in this format as well. The PNG format supports transparency, but doesn't support layers. Support for the MNG format is planned.


This is a proprietary format, it can save layers as well.
· Optimized for small screen display
· Customizable UI to maximize productivity
· Edit images from 2x2 up to 320x320
· Scaling, cropping, expanding images
· Cut, copy, move, paste parts of the image
· Palette editor
· Color editing in RGB and HSV color spaces
· Ability so save/load palettes separately
· Color sets: working with subset of the palette
· Multi color editing: editing more then one colour in RGB or HSV color space
· Layers (adding, deleting, reorganizing, changing visibility)
· Automatic saving and restoring of the session
· Ability so save/load sessions in different files
· Support for indexed PNG images (no filter and no interlacing support yet)
· Own format for storing multi-layer images
· Dozens of tools (pen, pick, eraser, select, rectangle, oval, line, and a lot more comming soon)
· Different inks, which you can combine with any tool (opaque, add, sub and a lot more comming soon)

What's New in This Release:

· Added more tools (fill, fill to, edge, hollow, ...) and inks (soften, glass, tile, vgrad, ...)
· Updated/improved some of the tools, added tool/ink options
· Ability to save/load/rotate/flip clipboard
· Added possibility to add new languages (added Hungarian)
· Fixed problems with special/accented characters in file names
· Added many functions to choose color set (ramp, neighbouring colors, ...)
· And many many many more... (check out the manual)

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