fMSX (Series 60 2nd Edition)

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fMSX (Series 60 2nd Edition)
Version: 1.19b
Platforms: Series 60, Symbian OS
Developer: Juha Riihimaki
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 1456
File Size: 268 Kb

Rating: 3.4/5 (Total votes: 8)

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fMSX (Series 60 2nd Edition) - MSX emulator for the Series 60 platform. MSX is an 8-bit home computer that first saw light in 1983. With this emulator you can play hundreds of games available in the web for the MSX platform.

Emulation core is originally based on an adapted version of the fMSX/Unix version 2.7 source code. Although recent versions of the emulation core still resemble the fMSX/Unix logically almost no part of the original fMSX/Unix code is left in fMSX/S60.

I have decided to keep the emulator name as fMSX still to honour the roots of the emulation code and the efforts of the fMSX/Unix author. Critical sections in fMSX/S60 have been written directly in ARM assembly language to gain speed.

· Emulates MSX1, MSX2 and MSX2 machines.
· AY8910 (PSG), SCC, SCC and YM2413 (OPLL, MSX-Music) sound chips emulated.
· Supports ROM cartridge (.rom), disk (.dsk) and tape (.cas) images in uncompressed, gzip compressed (.gz), zip compressed (.zip) and lharc compressed (.lzh) format (zip and lzh format support is in the "b" and "d" variants only). Compressed disk and tape images are treated as read-only media in the emulator (any saved data on compressed media will be lost when the emulator exits).
Four supported display rendering modes with 90 degrees rotation possibility (cw/ccw):
· raw unzoomed (only a part of the MSX display is visible in 176x208 display)
· fast fit (every nth pixel is discarded in 176x208 display or doubled in bigger displays)
· smart fit (same as fast but with a lone-pixel-detection, only available in 176x208 display)
· resample fit (calculates the average of neighbouring pixels for each rendered pixel, only available in 176x208 display).
· Fully user configurable keyboard and joystick mappings.
· Emulation can be paused and the machine state can be saved and loaded.

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